Tuition for Children

As we are constantly being told, the best time for humans to learn anything-whether that be riding a bike or learning to speak a second language-is as a child. In general terms, children learn more quickly than adults; they have less inhibitions and are not ‘afraid’ to develop different accents and use different sounds when communicating.

Unfortunately, opportunities to learn second languages within primary schools can sometimes be limited, which is why you may want to consider giving your child the chance to develop their linguistic skills through ‘What’s your Language?’

Learning a Second Language for Children

What are the advantages of this?

  • Your child is able to learn in a safe environment with a fully CRB checked tutor.
  • You are investing in your child’s future by giving them the chance to develop skills that will be paramount to them as an adult.
  • Flexible learning hours. Lessons can be arranged days or evenings, during term time or holidays.
  • ‘What’s your Language?’ makes learning fun! Your child can learn through games, puzzles, songs and visual aids.
  • Your child can learn at his/her own pace without the added pressure of other learners.