Student & Adults

Tuition for Students & Adults

‘What’s your Language?’ can offer extra tuition to students studying GCSE or A Level. Lessons can be designed to meet individual needs, according to where your particular areas of weakness lie.

Alternatively, you may simply be looking to go that extra mile to prepare yourself for future exams, in which case, ‘What’s your Language?’ can assist with supplementary written and conversational practise.

Extra Tuition for GCSE / A Level Students

So, what are the benefits of learning on a one to one basis with ‘What’s your Language?’

  • Learn in a comfortable environment with hours to suit. ‘What’s your Language?’ can offer flexible learning, days or evenings.
  • Learn at your own pace without the pressure of having to keep up with other learners. Ask the same questions as many times as you need to before it sticks.
  • You get the tutor’s undivided attention. This will ensure that during lessons, you are constantly submerged in the target language.
  • Tailor made courses to suit! You decide what you want to learn instead of having to stick to a standard curriculum.
  • No need for expensive course books, as you will be provided with the relevant materials.
  • No feelings of embarrassment or anxiety, the usual sentiments associated with learning in large groups.